Harvest with Izway Wines

Your backstage pass to a genuine Barossa Harvest.
Winemaker and label owner Craig Isbel, known for his impeccable palate and years at the helm of Torbreck wines, likes to describe his approach as ‘bucket chemistry’; a term that certainly made us smile when we first heard it. Craig speaks clearly of his earnest respect for handcrafting artisanal wines from exceptional vineyards which is exactly where your day of harvest discovery begins; on a personal tour of some of the valleys most hidden vineyard sites.

Returning to the Isbel’s home you will witness a winery in the throes of a live vintage. The season will have determined what is taking place that day and the energy of harvest is sure to be present.
A private tasting of Izway’s wines will mirror a food philosophy that runs deep through this region; seasonal, simple, fresh and ripe. These boutique, hand-made wines speak strongly of this special place where both great food and extraordinary grapes grow in abundance.

Your tasting will conclude with lunch at local dining institution, Vintner’s Bar and Grill, where the global wine and food regions story will come full circle. A bottle of Izway’s finest and three courses of some of Barossa’s best cuisine is the way all winemakers wish they could finish a hard-working day over vintage.
The harvest season is one of the best times to visit the Barossa. The seasonal tempo and energy is palpable. This experience gives you the chance to connect with the true heart of our region from a perspective rarely seen by wine lovers.

Allow 5 hours | $560 per couple

Bookings are available from 1st March through to 30th of April on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays each week.