Discover an extraordinary wine experience exclusively crafted for guests at The Louise in collaboration with Hentley Farm, the esteemed Barossa Valley winery which proudly holds the prestigious Jimmy Watson Trophy.

Join this personally led exploration of Hentley Farm’s renowned portfolio of red wines – especially the estate Shiraz. Hentley Farm is a single-estate boutique winery, a world of rich flavours and exceptional winemaking.

This exclusive collaboration between The Louise and Hentley Farm promises a personal wine journey that offers a rare chance to sample the Barossa Valley’s finest.

The tour begins with a captivating, personally led tour of the vineyard tour, and a chance to discover Hentley Farm’s rich heritage as well as the meticulous craftsmanship behind their exceptional single estate wines. Explore the vine-laden landscapes and savour a gourmet grazing platter, perfectly complementing the Hentley’s premium wines.

1 Hentley Farm De La Terre
2 Hentley Farm De La Terre