Just across the road from The Louise, our friends at Tscharke Wines are doing things a little differently.

At first glance, Tscharke (pronounced ‘sharkie’) appears to be like any other winery; grapes go in, wine comes out. However it’s not just the muster of peacocks wandering gracefully around the grounds that’s catching the attention of locals, travellers, connoisseurs and sommeliers; there’s something special and a little quirky happen at Tscharke.

Although winemaking is a centuries-old tradition, new technologies and developments mean the process is constantly evolving and opening the door to new tastes, improved efficiencies, and sustainable practices. Of the more than 150 wineries in the Barossa Valley, Tscharke is one of just three certified organic and biodynamic vineyards.

To receive organic certification is no cakewalk; it involves demonstrating that every corner of the estate and production line is free of chemicals and synthetic fertilisers, while biodynamic certification involves giving back to the land in use. Tscharke satisfy these requirements by utilising solar energy, reclaimed water, hosting compost-making workshops and education days. While biodynamic certification may seem like a challenging badge to earn, for the team at Tscharke there is simply no alternative.