Embark on a unique wine tasting experience at St Hugo, uncovering the history of premium Riedel glassware and experiencing the surprising influence each glass has on the taster’s experience of the same wine.

The Riedel Masterclass is an unforgettable experience set in the impressive Hugo Gramp room that unlocks the secrets behind the world-renowned fine Riedel glassware. Reigning as a symbol of quality for nearly a century, Riedel is the star of this masterclass that takes guests on a surprising wine-tasting adventure, demonstrating the profound impact of glass shape on wine appreciation. Participants are amazed as each varietal-specific wine glass reveals new layers of aroma and flavour, bringing the wine-tasting experience to life.

1 St Hugo x Riedel Masterclass
2 St Hugo x Riedel Masterclass

Hosted in the elegant Hugo Gramp room, expert sommeliers guide guests through a sensory journey as participants pour each wine from glass to glass and experience the surprisingly changes in its bouquet and taste first-hand. From the first sip to the last, the St Hugo experience demonstrates how the shape of a wine glass can accentuate distinct characters and personalities within every wine, all while sampling some of the finest St Hugo vintages.