Our Commitment

As a thriving and growing hospitality business in the luxury culinary tourism sector, we take our commitment to our guests, our employees, our community and to the sustainable environment of our planet as a balanced expectation that we exist to add value to each of these ‘stakeholders’.

Our Commitment at The Louise


The health and safety of our guests and staff is our highest priority. We work hard to ensure that we have the highest standard procedures in place so that our guests have the assurance they need to completely unwind during their time at the Louise. You can read more about our commitment to wellbeing here.


Produce purchasing policy and philosophy – regional, seasonal, local. Appellation’s executive chef is a strong advocate of the belief that eating locally is first and foremost about superior freshness and flavour.

Much of what appears on Appellation’s menu each evening is from Appellation’s own kitchen garden, just meters from the restaurant.

Appellation’s use of producers based within 100km to provide an average of 85% of ingredients served in the restaurant results in significant economic return to the local community, to producers at the Barossa Farmers Market and other small producers, thereby helping to keep local family businesses viable.

It also brings the highest quality produce to the table at its peak nutritional ripeness and exposes our visiting guests to authentic regional flavours.

All produce is non-GMO and from producers practising traditional, sustainable green methods of farming, with as much as is available from organic or biodynamic methods and producers.


South Australia is the driest state in the driest continent in the world. Water conservation and recycling is an imperative for all who live here. Water served in the restaurant is filtered, collected rain water. For sparkling water, the restaurant carbonates the filtered rainwater, not relying on imported bottled water, thus reducing landfill and carbon emissions.


A waste water treatment plant has been installed to recycle all waste water from the property to maintain the grounds and gardens.  All irrigation is subsurface and virtually eliminates water wastage.


Paper and glass recycling is practised throughout the property. A worm farm has been established to recycle all wet waste from the kitchen and provide rich fertiliser for the grounds, thus minimising waste removal requirements from the property.


We employ 45 members of the local community and have created a staff sponsorship fund which specifically supports charitable regional programs. Organisations that our staff volunteer to work with and/or which we provide grants include the local program of Paralympics, Room to Read, Starlight Children’s Foundation and Ronald McDonald House. We also actively support our business associates such as the Barossa Wine Show, the Marananga Wine Show, and Seppeltsfield Road Business Alliance.