Located in the heart of the picturesque Barossa Valley, the Farm Eatery and Cooking School offers a hands-on experience that combines a casual eatery, a shop featuring Maggie Beer’s gourmet treats, and a purpose-built kitchen and Cooking School run by Chef Tim Bourke, the former chef of South Australia’s esteemed Southern Ocean Lodge.

The Farm Eatery Cooking School boasts a range of cooking classes, from pasta making and of vegan garden-to-plate creations to mastering the art of gluten-free cooking, crafting handmade dumplings, and uncovering the secrets of Japan’s culinary delights, the classes cater to every taste and interest and the best part is joining fellow classmates for a communal lunch afterwards.


The Eatery Secondary 2
The Eatery Secondary 1

Enjoy a half day leaning new culinary skills and feasting on the resulting cuisine for a relaxed lunch with new-found foodie friends. For seasonal class schedules and reservations, please contact our Guest Services team. As an exclusive gift for guests of The Louise, you’ll receive The Farm Eatery Cooking School apron, a valued keepsake worth $45.

Please contact Guest Services to discuss seasonal class schedules.