In the late summer, wine grapes on the Barossa vineyards are ready for harvesting. Harvest is a busy and important time for winemakers with the year’s vintage ahead.

Izway Wines winemaker Craig Isbel is known in the Barossa community for his exceptional palate and an approach to wine making which he calls ‘bucket chemistry’. Craig’s raison d’etre is handcrafting artisanal wines from exceptional vineyards, and the day’s harvest discovery begins right here, on a personal tour of some of the valley’s hidden and highly prized vineyards.

1 Izway Wines
2 Izway Wines

Back at the winery, harvest work continues followed by a private tasting of Izway wines and a rewarding lunch at Vintner’s Bar and Grill.

Seasonal operation between mid-February to late April.