Executive Chef Daniel Murphy’s kitchen is all about fresh ingredients this is reflected in the fact that 85% of the menu comes from within the Barossa Valley and South Australia with the balance from Australia. The kitchen garden is a great resource as well as the close relationships we have with local purveyors, farmers and growers.

We bake all our bread onsite, starting with the sourdough culture named ‘Arnie’ an original member of the founding team. Embracing ancient food traditions virtually nothing is wasted, whole beasts are broken down to provide our butcher meats, smallgoods, stocks and sauces…much to the delight of our sommelier who shares cellar space with our copicollo, salami and sausages…

We even carbonate our own rain water – yes that’s right, we collect and filter rain water and carbonate it ourselves so that it’s fresh, free and almost carbon neutral!

Join our chefs at the Barossa Farmer’s Market on a Saturday morning…They’ll buy you a coffee, introduce you to the local food growers and introduce you to some of the heroes of Barossa food. Ask our Guest Services team how to book.