Barossa Walks

Explore the heart of the Barossa’s food culture and sink a little deeper into the regions fascinating heritage

“Why do so many of the cemeteries feature beautifully carved ship’s anchor motifs? Why do people care if it’s raining on June 27th? And what on earth is a Tin Kettling?” Using touch points along the way, and evocative stories from our past – and present – Barossa Walks delve into what makes the Barossa special – and how you can take a little bit of the Barossa good life home with you. Whether you’ve never been to the Barossa before, or you’re a seasoned campaigner, these Heritage Walking Tours offer a memorable and entertaining insight into this place we call home.

Barossa Farmers Market Tour

The Barossa is a foodie paradise, and the Barossa Farmers Market is the beating heart of the region’s living food culture. Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and delectable tastes of the Barossa on the Farmers Market Walking Tour.

This tour introduces you to the producers behind the food - you’ll hear their stories and learn their secrets so that you can take a little of the Barossa good life home with you. There are tastings, stories, insights, recipes, local’s tips and plenty of time to take it all in, along with recommendations for how to put together a traditional Barossa tasting picnic bursting with the abundance and flavours of the region.

Allow 45 minutes | $45 per person

Saturday mornings only

Barossa Cultural Tour

An immersive cultural experience, the Heritage Walking Tour brings the Barossa to life and creates a lasting, personal connection to this special region. If you've always wanted to explore the Barossa a little deeper - beyond the cellar doors and restaurants that rightly make the region so well-loved - then you are invited to walk through the historic village of Krondorf and discover a new connection to the Barossa.

The Barossa is brought to life as you explore the food, music, culture, celebrations, traditions and characters that built the Barossa, and learn how they continue to influence lives today, through stories, journal entries, letters and anecdotes.

Allow 2 hours | $65 per person

Sunday mornings from 9.00am